Carrier Wave and Carrier Trike bikes are in stock!

Carrier Wave and Carrier Trike bikes are in stock!

The summer is finally here after a particularly wet spring this year. We are happily building bicycle and have limited stock of Carrier Wave and Carrier Trike units available for sale. We are also happy to offer rentals for those looking to have a go at the cargo bike life!

The Carrier Wave bike has been thoroughly tested including several camping trips and extended rides. We even rode two Carrier Waves over the Malahat on the Great Canadian Trail to Duncan, British Columbia! This trip was of particular interest as we had a chance to prove the regenerative braking system on the long descent and managed to regenerate an impressive 19.3% of total power spent on the strenuous mountain pass ride! That’s like a free 20% range boost with the main benefit being improved braking performance and safety as well as a massive reduction in brake wear.

We know there are many electric bicycle options out there and the market for low-mid range electric bicycles is pretty well saturated and we are so happy to see the electric bicycle revolution finally taking shape. Offering superior performance and local support and assembly, our bikes are a cut above and still more affordable than pretty well any comparable electric cargo bicycle.

Are you curious about the cargo bike lifestyle? Reach out via email to and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what we are up to and get a beat on the latest products in development.

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