Sold: Yuba Mundo with Grin Electric Assist

$3,000.00 + GST



The venerable Yuba Mundo, a proven cargo bike platform featuring a steel frame, disc brakes front and rear, oodles of rear cargo capacity for passengers and goods. A Grin power system (made in Vancouver!) takes this bike to a new level of functionality and utility. This excellent condition Yuba Mundo features:

  • Steel chromoly frame capable of 550 pounds or 250 kg of passenger and cargo capacity
  • Direct drive motor capable of over 100 N-m of torque for hill climbing performance
  • Powerful regenerative braking technology for effective and safe braking while extending range and reducing wear on brakes
  • 700 watt-hour, 48 volt battery 60+km range
  • 500w/32kph pedal assist and configurable presets
  • Pedal assist system and Throttle
  • Cable disk rear brake
  • Full fenders and rear wheel guard
  • Bright front and rear lights and adjustable horn
  • Sturdy double leg kick stand
  • SRAM x7 drivetrain
  • Rear seat and child hoop included
  • Heavy duty front rim and heavy duty Yuba factory tires.
  • Two chargers, 48 volt 4 amp and 2 amp included
  • Bell included
  • Fully renewed and sold with 1 year warranty including free tune up.
  • Eligible for Saanich e-bike grant

The Grin system powering this bicycle consists of their robust RH212 motor professionally laced into a 26 inch rim. The controller and display combination of a Baserunner and Cycle Analyst allows for industry leading configurability and performance. The ability to regenerate brake using the motor means an increase in range between 5-15% and more importantly, a massive reduction in wear on your brakes and drive train components. You could practically ride and come to a stop without using the friction brakes at all! Say good bye to mid drive shortcomings like constant chain, cassette, and brake pad replacement. Save yourself the headache of ordering an overseas bike and experience the industry leading performance with this Yuba Mundo.

All bikes and conversions include a limited 1 year warranty on electric components and a free 30 minute tune up within the first year. Sustainawave is a Grin factory dealer.

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